Matching food lovers with their favourite hawker food

HawkerMakanSG is an online food ordering platform to support food vendors whose businesses are affected by COVID-19. This food ordering platform serves to match hungry customers to favourite food haunts which they have never come across before. Food partners are specially selected to provide a variety of cuisines to you. Customers can order your favourite food from across the island and enjoy it at the comfort of your home. Or you can simply arrange a pick-up at the hawker stall if you are in the area.


Enjoy your favourite food at the usual price. Just pay to food partner for your order and delivery.

No more fee hikes!

Food lovers get to enjoy your favourite hawker food any time, any day. Just pay direct to the hawker after you order your food and your hawker will arrange delivery to your doorstep.


Island-wide food network

Same food, same price

Support hawker culture


Ordering Steps


Step 1 : Search for your favorite hawker


Step 2 : Add your order in to cart

*Tip: Indicated prices exclude delivery charges (if any)


Step 3 : Review your orders.

*Tip: You can checkout food from different hawkers. Individual hawker delivery charges apply.


Step 4 : Make payment to hawker


Step 5 : Hawker delivery or self-collection