KofeTea by Fryday serves a variety of delicious Japanese donburi bowls, healthy bento sets and authentic Japanese chicken katsu curry rice. Do also try our local favourite braised pork rice and local curry chicken rice.

Payment Methods: Paynow and Cash

Delivery Charges: Rates differ by location.

Address: 11 Irving Place, #01-13, SG369551

DonburiFrom $ 9.80


Healthy Bento (Rice/Salad)From $ 6.60

Healthy Bento (Rice/Salad)

Braised Pork RiceFrom $ 4.90

Braised Pork Rice

Local Curry Chicken RiceFrom $ 5.80

Local Curry Chicken Rice

Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu RiceFrom $ 6.00

Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Rice

Zha Jiang NoodlesFrom $ 4.90

Zha Jiang Noodles

Edamame Dumplings (6pcs)From $ 4.90

Edamame Dumplings (6pcs)