Rice Bowls

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(Min: 1, Max: 20)
Australian minced beef browned in homemade
Vietnamese sauce accompanied by pickled cucumber,
chili, egg yolk and rice.


(Min: 0, Max: 20)
Norwegian smoked salmon accompanied with
cucumbers, tomatoes, edamame and rice, garnished
with nori.
(Min: 0, Max: 20)
Delicious Peking duck, accompanied with cucumbers,
tomatoes, mandarin orange and rice, topped with
special garnish.
(Min: 0, Max: 20)
Freshly grilled chicken chop, accompanied with
cucumbers, tomatoes and rice, topped with seaweed
and our homemade special sauce.
(Min: 0, Max: 20)
Estimated Total excl. Delivery (Food Only) :$ 0.00